​​​Support an FFA Student with the Purchase of a Goat, Lamb or Market Hog or Donation!

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Atwater FFA

It has been a challenging year throughout the nation, state, and community with regards to Covid-19 and the cancellation of fairs. With the many uncertainties, Atwater FFA has been working hard to create options for community members to support our students through donations, the purchase of a livestock project directly through Atwater FFA, and through the recently organized online auction through the Merced County Fair. Below are some options to consider in supporting our students:

Option #1 – Supporting an individual or the “Atwater FFA Group” through a donation. We have included a form that can be utilized towards supporting our students.

Option #2 – With the uncertainty of the prices, # of participants, and extended date towards selling, weighing, and transporting pigs to the fair for the online auction, Atwater FFA has created an opportunity to purchase an animal directly from Atwater FFA with the goal of competing the sale towards the end of May through 1st week of June. Information is on the enclosed form.

Option #3 – All students have been registered for the fair’s online auction June 11-13, 2020. This is another option to consider in terms of supporting our students.

 In all, Atwater FFA is trying to ensure we sell all of our animals with students covering all their expenses/investment while making a very small profit ($100 goal) to reinforce their continued effort, positive attitude, and their experience. All of our animals remain on quality feed and on track to make market weight by the end of May (some are there now).ype your paragraph here.

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  1. Mail-In Donation or Purchase Form - This form can be downloaded, printed, and mailed to Atwater FFA (information on form).

  2. Online Credit Card Donation or Purchase Form - This form is to be completed prior to making the credit card purchase online. Once completed, it is to be submitted/e-mailed for confirmation of receipt and order.
  3. Online Credit Card Payment Processing -  ​This link is to process your credit card payment.