Ag Shop Skills

Atwater High School Agriculture Courses

Ag Shop Skills
Prerequisite: 9th grade students

Exploration in Agriculture is specifically designed for 9th grade students interested in being involved, exploring and developing skills in:

  • Shop Safety
  • Tool Identification
  • Plumbing / Electrical
  • Rope Work / Concrete
  • Welding / Metal Fabrication
  • Wood Working
  • FFA / Leadership / Public Speaking

This course serves as the CTE introduction and foundation course within the Ag Mechanics pathway/sector towards advance courses in Ag Wood, Small Engines / Power Mechanics, and Welding Technology.

Content areas in job safety and tool identification are included with “hands-on” learning and various projects to build, take home, and showcase at the annual county fair. 

This course also qualifies students to participate in all local, state, and national FFA events/activities throughout the year as an official state and national FFA member.