2023-2024 Atwater High School Agriculture Department/ FFA Staff (left to right) Jose Vargas, Dan Flatt ,

Kim Mesa, Sam Meredith, Taylor Helton, Natalie Borba, Shelby Fishman, and Dave Gossman. (Maddie Zittel Not Pictured)

Atwater High School Agriculture Department

Atwater FFA

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​Fax:  209-357-6067

​​​​​​​​Mrs. Natalie Borba

​Mrs. Fishman

Mr. Dan Flatt

Mr. Dave Gossman​​

Ms. Taylor Helton

Mr. Sam Meredith

Mrs. Kim Mesa

Mr. Jose Vargas

Ms. Maddie Zittel

Atwater FFA

2023 - 2024 Atwater Ag/FFA Instructors