March 2019

Reedley FFA Field Day

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Atwater FFA Students Compete at Reedley College Field Day

Three Atwater High School FFA judging teams joined nearly a thousand other high school agriculture students at the annual Reedley College FFA Field Day focused on Career Development Event (CDE) skills competitions on March 30th. The agriculture related skills competitions provided students another opportunity to improve their agriculture industry-related skills as the state championships approach in late April and early May.  “We have some students finishing up other school competitions, so our teams were not complete,” said Atwater FFA advisor Dave Gossman. “The opportunity for students to get better with experience and competition will benefit their teams when we get our full teams back this month.”

The Atwater FFA Land and Soil Evaluation team placed 7th overall with a team that included Estrella Venancio, Kelly Alcaraz, and Sabrina Lopez. The contest involves the evaluation and interpretation of soils and soil profiles. Students analyze various soil pits and determine soil texture, water holding capacity, and erosion characteristics while associated the data with agriculture applications.

The Meats judging team earned an 8th place finish overall with a team composed of Adriana Lopez, Celeste Chargal, Iysis Villasenor. The Meats contest involves the evaluation of pork, beef, and lamb carcasses and retail cuts of meat commonly found in supermarkets, quality and yield grading, oral presentations on the meat/carcass evaluations, and a written exam pertaining to the meat industry.

The Atwater FFA Milks Quality and Dairy Foods team of Anthony Hernandez, Faith Johnson, and Valerie Carlos competed individually with a strong finish overall in a contest where students demonstrate their knowledge and skills in milk quality (tasting), cheese identification, real vs imitation dairy foods, and a written exam on the dairy industry.

The Reedley College FFA Field Days are designed to showcase students’ “hands-on” and technical skills in various agriculture related fields. “Students apply their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in real-life job skill environments,” said FFA advisor Taylor Helton. “We have a group of students that take tremendous pride towards their work ethic and skill development in a variety of agricultural related skills and occupations.” The FFA judging competitions and state championships continue with Fresno State University and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo scheduled in the coming two months.

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