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Atwater High School Students Get Connected with Club Rush

The 2018-2019 school year is off to a great start at Atwater High School with over 1900 students participating in the Annual Atwater High School Club Rush last week. The purpose of this event was to promote and recruit programs, events, and students to the numerous activities and opportunities available at Atwater High School.

“Club Rush was an amazing event,” says Chapter President Emmanuel Mejia, “We were able to join other organizations and clubs on campus and expose the various opportunities available to all students.” With over thirty-six active clubs and youth organizations at the high school, students created various promotional activities in the quad during lunch. This event was organized by the Atwater High School Leadership class. Some of the highlighted clubs/organizations included AVID, Ballet Folklórico, Book Club, CSF, Debate Club, DECA, FCA, Hip Hop Academy, HYLA, Key Club, Trap Shooting and the FFA organization.

“It was a great turnout overall, with a lot of kids having fun with genuine school spirit,” said Atwater High School Director of Activities Nathan Braga. “We feel it is especially valuable for the new 9th grade students as it helps them get connected with Atwater High School.”

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