Horticulture Students Get Bare Rooted In Hands-On Learning

“Getting students involved” and “learn by doing” are primary philosophies of the Atwater High School Agriculture department, and for students in the Environmental Horticulture class, learning tends to be the “root” of education. With the continued support of Dave Wilson Nursery in Hickman, California, over 125 bare root trees were both purchased by Atwater FFA and also donated by the nursery for the Atwater High School horticulture program. With the arrival of the trees, students spent three days transplanting the trees into growing containers and setting them up in the school nursery where they will get the opportunity to get established with the goal of selling them to the community and public on May 10th and 11th during the annual Atwater FFA Spring Plant Sale. The money from the plant sale goes to support the students, program, and various supplies and equipment for the horticulture program and courses.

“The tremendous support we get from horticulture industry supporters such as Dave Wilson Nursery is awesome,” said agriculture instructor Dave Gossman. “It provides our students with ‘hands on’ learning opportunities and the experiences involved in the multi-billion dollar nursery and landscape industry.”

The types and varieties of trees that will be available during the plant sale in may include cherry, 3n1 apple, 3n1 cherry, 3n1 pear, 3n1 peach/nectarine, flowering cherry, flowering pear, flowering plum, Raywood ash, Shamel ash, European birch, Chitalpa, locust, maple, and Eastern redbud trees.

The horticulture program at Atwater High School earned the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers (CANGC) the state’s first high school horticulture certification. Continued growth and development of the agriculture program’s facilities have included an expanded nursery and a long term growing area for trees and shrubs. “The class has been a lot of fun with the opportunity to learn both inside and outside of a classroom,” said AHS student Kaya Briscoe.

For more information on the Atwater High School Agriculture Department and Atwater FFA, please log on the website www.AtwaterFFA.org .

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March 2019

Bare Root Trees