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Atwater FFA Students Earn Top State Recognition and Awards

With over 300 high schools throughout the state and over 300o individual high school students competing, the Atwater High School agriculture and FFA program’s students earned recognition and awards that put them at the top of the state during the recent Fresno State University, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo University, and California State Leadership Convention events taken place over the past couple weeks.

The Atwater FFA Milks Quality and Dairy Foods team of Callie Norton, Luke van Warmerdam, Kendyll Cruz, and Natalie Frontella placed 2nd overall in the Cal Poly state championship in a contest where students demonstrate their knowledge and skills in milk quality (tasting), cheese identification, real vs imitation dairy foods, and a written exam on the dairy industry.

The Atwater FFA Marketing Plan team comprised of Jasmine Sandoval, Anessa Cardenas, and Alison Melanader placed 2nd overall at the Cal Poly state championship in a contest that seeks to effectively prepare students for the opportunities and expectations of the agricultural business workplace.  Students seeking careers in agriculture business must develop a high degree of knowledge and skill as well as the capacity to create and present a marketing plan.

The Atwater FFA Novice Parliamentary Procedure team comprised of Nandani Patel, Teresa Cavallero, Isabel Murrillo, Jennifer Velazquez, Simarjot Gandhoke, Jerrod Nickerson, and Celeste Chargoy and the Advanced Parliamentary Procedure team comprised of Emily Junez, Anessa Cardenas, Michael Bray, Natalie Frontella, Emmanuel Mejia, Callie Norton, and Cristal Venegas each placed 5th overall in the state championships held at fresno State University. Parliamentary procedure is a set of rules, ethics, and customs governing meetings of clubs, organizations, legislative bodies, and other deliberative assemblies. FFA students throughout California participate in various parliamentary procedure contests where students demonstrate their public speaking, understanding, and implementation of skills.

“This is an opportunity to get students involved in an application that develops and strengthens public speaking, critical thinking, and leadership skills that can be applied towards any academic and career endeavor,” said West.

The Atwater FFA Farm Business Management team comprised of Ricardo Ortega, Zion Brigham, Liliana Vargas, and Belinda Espinoza placed 4th overall at the Cal Poly State Finals competition. The Atwater FFA Poultry team comprised of Anna Lozano, Victor Mejia, Stephania Valdovinos, Sayra Ramos placed 5th overall at the Cal Poly State Finals. The Atwater FFA Land and Soil Evaluation team comprised of Audrey Esau, Micheal Bray, Jose Ruiz, Arturo Valdovinos placed 6th overall in the state with a combined state finals contest at Fresno State University and Cal Poly, SLO. The Atwater FFA Meats team comprised of Daisy Flores, Emily Junez, Mariah Castro, and Bailey Weimer placed 6th overall in the state. The Atwater FFA Agronomy team comprised of Luz Soto, Elisabeth Garner, Maria Ruelas, Jennifer Velazquez placed 8th overall in the state. The Atwater FFA Vegetable team comprised of Dillon Guillen, Jose Montanez, Tyler Brawley, Kelsi Kamesch placed 11th in the state. The Atwater FFA Nursery and Landscape team of Brissa Garcia, Noemi Perez, and Vanessa Varela placed 13th overall in the state at Cal Poly. The Atwater FFA Ag Mechanics team comprised of Joel Rojas, Daisy Flores-Mota, Marie Corado, Juanable Perez placed 20th overall in the state at Cal Poly.

During the 90th annual California State Leadership Convention held in Anaheim a few weeks ago, Atwater FFA members were recognized throughout the state in front of over 7000 high school agriculture students in attendance. Atwater FFA’s Kaya Briscoe-Mattis was the California State Proficiency winner in Small Animal Production. Her application is now going on to the National FFA for national recognition. Atwater FFA Reporter Grace Reyes was recognized as one of the state’s Star Reporters. Belinda Espinoza, Anna Lozano, and Callie Norton were all scholarship finalists and recipients in various state-wide FFA scholarships given to a select few throughout the state.

There are over 87,000 high school agriculture students in California representing over 375 high school agriculture programs, and the success of the Atwater FFA agriculture program can be attributed to the agriculture pathway sequence of courses at Atwater High School, the increased student involvement/participation outside of the classroom, and the tremendous support from the school/district, community, and agriculture industry.  “We will say it time and time again,” says FFA advisor Kaylyn Davenport, “We are seeing a positive return on everyone’s investment with our students, and we all should take tremendous pride in their accomplishments.”

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